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Whether as a plaintiff or defendant, if you’re facing a trial involving a cruise line, merchant shipping company, seaport, or shore excursions provider, you know that the burden will be on you to provide credible testimony that is based on unimpeachable expertise, experience, and understanding of pertinent laws and regulations – and can withstand a Daubert Motion.  

And, if your expert testimony is not provided in an impressive yet clear, easy-to-understand fashion, jurors will be at best confused and at worst unsympathetic. Kim E. Petersen provides your team with singularly high-impact, world-class expert witness who can simply, effectively, and convincingly convey the facts no matter the complexities of your case.

Given his 40-years of experience and expertise, Kim can assist your legal team with records review; case analysis and evaluation; and, expert testimony on a variety of maritime security issues, including but not limited to:

  •  Cruise ship security

  •  Sexual assault investigations and statutory obligations for carriers

  •  Vessel & seaport CCTV systems, access controls, alarms, and safety measures

  •  Compliance with the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010

  •  Crew training and staffing

  •  Shore excursion operations, safety, and security

  •  Industry standards for criminal & terrorist risk mitigation

  •  ISPS Code & MTSA regulatory obligations of vessel operators and seaports

  •  Super Yacht and private vessel safety and security

  •  Issues relating to domestic and foreign seaports, and shore excursions.


Kim E. Petersen is one of the most renowned and respected authorities on maritime security in the world.  With over 40-years of experience, he was a pioneer of modern ship and port security operations.  Kim was the senior executive for global security for P&O and Princess Cruises – and later Renaissance Cruises – and served as the Executive Director for the Maritime Security Council (which represents over 70% of the world’s commercial shipping).  In 2006 he was named the Council’s first and only Governor Emeritus.

Kim helped to draft the ISPS Code, and later the MTSA here in the US.  He has been the lead instructor on maritime security at the US Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, as well as a Visiting Professor of Maritime Security at the UN’s World Maritime University in Malmø, Sweden.  He has trained the US Coast Guard, US Navy, FBI, and dozens of police agencies, and also led security assessments at over 100 seaports worldwide on every continent save Antarctica.  He has briefed the White House and Congress on maritime security issues, and served as a consultant to the US and many foreign governments ranging from China to Haiti.  In 2002, Kim was called - in the word’s of the Miami Herald - Florida’s Port Security Czar - when he was appointed to oversee and enhance the security of all of Florida’s deep-water ports.

Kim has been an expert contributor on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, BBC, and has been featured on CBS’s ‘60 Minutes’ and ABC’s ‘20/20’.  He is an author who has been both published and featured in many magazines and newspapers.  Please refer to his curriculum vitae for  more information on Kim’s professional background.